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Meat Market

811 Main St. Buffalo, SC

Midway BBQ’s Meat Market is your go-to place for the freshest, locally sourced meat cuts that embody the real spirit of Southern barbecue.

With over 50 years of tradition, we offer the same top-notch meats used in our famous dishes, all set for you to take on home and enjoy. From mouthwatering ribs to perfectly seasoned cuts, our Meat Market is where Southern BBQ magic starts, y’all!

porterhouse steak cut
t-bone steak
ribeye steak
beef stew
cube steak
pork chops
country style ribs

Order Our Home Cookin’ Online Now

Visit our chow now page to order off of our daily menu, or catering for your event or holiday! If you have any questions regarding your order, please call: (864) 427-4047

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